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If you are not a linguist or have little understanding of how the translation process works, finding the right provider can be a bit of an ordeal. At Business Language Services Ltd. (BLS), we understand this and will always endeavour to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. Established in 1990, we have gained a wealth of experience and expertise in all translation matters so you can safely put your trust in our hands.

First of all, we are not robots! At BLS, we are all translators and linguists ourselves. What’s more, we do not use or rely upon any automated translation tool to carry out our work. We uphold the belief that translation is about conveying meaning and not simply translating something word by word. The core components that we consider essential to our translation services are language and translation experience, subject matter knowledge (essential), skill, motivation and reliability. We only work with linguists who meet these requirements and this stringent approach is integral to our ISO 9001 quality management system.

We understand that your literature represents your company abroad, so quality is paramount. BLS offers the assurance that our translation services are carried out by highly-qualified, professional translators working within their specialist subject areas into their mother tongue. This ensures that your translation will be linguistically and culturally appropriate for the market for which it is intended.

We work with all subjects and formats including website translation, technical manuals, legal contracts, marketing literature, medical and pharmaceutical texts, financial document translation, training manuals, patents, telecommunications, IT, engineering and construction, into and from all the major world languages. Our translators, who are based around the world, are carefully selected and assessed based on their qualifications and experience, and their work for BLS is constantly appraised on a periodic basis, so we will always strive to to select the most suitable linguist for your job.

High Quality Proofreading

The proofreading stage can so often be overlooked. Even the very best translators in the world are human beings and therefore prone to human error. The proofreading stage is, therefore, an essential component of what we offer at Business Language Services. Our proof-readers painstakingly proofread and edit the content to identify any errors.

Regardless of the many automated machine-based translation tools, there is no comparison to human intervention. Machine translations enable faster turnaround times but will often convey an incorrect meaning or require extra post-editing. At BLS, we maintain that han an expert working in their languages and areas of expertise should be responsible for this key stage of our translation process.

As such, all translations are proofread by a second, independent linguist. BLS appoints a Project Manager for each assignment, who will liaise with your staff and our translators to ensure that your requirements are fully understood and that the job is delivered on time and to your full satisfaction. BLS works with all of the main file and software formats and we invest in the latest translation memory tools. This enables us to maintain consistency in client-specific glossary and terminology management. Poor quality translations can result in misunderstanding, delays, lost business and even lawsuits.

Simple grammatical errors can change the entire meaning of a sentence even though it might at not be spotted initially by the translator. At BLS, we insist that a native, trained proof-reader reviews the translated document and ensures that the translated content is a true and accurate rendition to the source document. What’s more, fluency and style can also be assessed, again something that only humans are equipped to do.

Don’t leave your business to chance – BLS is here to help you.

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