Business Language Services Cultural Vocabularies: Terms in Other Languages

Cultural vocabularies Culture, by definition, is the collection of knowledge and characteristics of a group of people, ranging from arts and music, social habits, language, cuisine and religion. Language, which is part of culture, is a fascinating subject in its own right. It is one of the first things that reveals the national identity of a […]

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Business Language Services Wales: Some lesser known interesting facts

Wales is a small country (just 8,022 sq. miles) and home to around 3 million people. It’s just two hours away from London. Most people here are bilingual – the majority speak English while more than half a million speak Welsh. It has a long and majestic coastline, national parks and about 160 castles still […]

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Business Language Services Foreign Language Improves Mental and Physical Health

Time and again it’s been said that learning a foreign language has many benefits beyond boosting language and communication skills. There have been many studies proving that foreign language learning can have physical and mental benefits as well. Take a look at some of them:   Boosts brain power   A new language presents you […]

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Business Language Services Machine Translation: Do Human Translators Have to Worry About the Future?

Source: Machine Translation vs Human Translation So much has been said about the availability and capability of machine translation and online translation tools that some people think that they can now replace human translation. Is this going to be the future of the industry? As translators and language service providers, should we be worried? Viability […]

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Business Language Services Influential Languages Around the World

Most Influential Languages from Previous Studies For some time, studies have shown that the world’s most influential languages have included Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, French and English, with the latter being ranked first on the list. These languages are considered influential based on the regularity they are spoken in many regions around the world. Mandarin has the most […]

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Business Language Services The Importance of a Style Guide For Both Writers and Translators

  Writers will more often than not follow standard guidelines for writing and formatting documents, known as style guides. They vary considerably depending on the end user’s requirements, and many are unique to a specific country, profession, industry, branch of science or region. As translators are writers, too, it means that a style guide plays […]

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Business Language Services The Complexity of the Chinese Language

To untrained ears, the various forms of the Chinese language sound the same, despite its many dialectical differences. This is just one of the difficulties faced by many looking to understand or learn the language. It becomes even more complex given the differences between spoken and written Chinese, which contribute to it being one of […]

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Business Language Services Word of the Year 2015

In mid-November, Oxford Dictionaries unveiled their word of the year for 2015, though the winner was not wholly in line with those of its twelve-year history. The ‘word’ in question can perhaps be better described as a caricaturised drawing, as the lexicographers behind Oxford University Press announced that an emoji was worthy of the title, […]

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Business Language Services Students choose alternative routes for language learning.

Very few people would deny the importance of language skills to Britain’s economy. In a 2013 survey carried out by Pearson, 70 % of businesses said that they valued language skills in their employees[1]. Yet it has often been lamented in the last few years that the number of students leaving education with appropriate language […]

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Business Language Services Foreign-Language Idioms

  Have you ever fed the donkey sponge cake[1] and ended up giving someone pumpkins?[2] Ever drank like a chair-maker[3] and needed to relight the boiler[4] the next morning? Or let a frog out of your mouth[5] and seen someone make a fork out of a needle?[6] How are you finding all of this? Are […]

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