Business Language Services The Story of Korea's Most Famous Folk Hero, Hong Gil Dong

Hong Gil Dong Ask any Korean about Hong Gil Dong and you’ll be told that he was a famous Korean folk hero. He lived during the Joseon Dynasty. His life and exploits have been told many times over, and Koreans and international audiences have seen various movies and TV adaptations of his story, all with a […]

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Business Language Services The Truths and Myths About St. Patrick's Day

17 March is St. Patrick’s Day and it is expected that in Ireland and places where there are Irish communities (and pubs), a lot of “things green” will be seen. It is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland and a regular day for most people in Wales, Scotland and England. It’s the feast day of […]

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Business Language Services First Minister Jones Intervenes as Welsh Language Row Escalates

Cynwyd is a peaceful village of around 550 residents. Last year, harmony was disrupted when a resident expressed discontent about the community council publishing notices only in the Welsh language and its failure to provide English translations of the council’s agenda papers. An ombudsman had to intervene, calling to account the Welsh-speaking councillors for their […]

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Business Language Services 8 March: International Women's Day

8 March is International Women’s Day. It’s just one day of the year when the world’s attention is focused on the past struggles, achievements and future of women. This year’s theme is Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality, meaning that there should be gender parity by year 2030. The world has […]

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Business Language Services Time to Celebrate Saint David's Day

  Saint David (Dewi Sant) Saint David or Dewi Sant was a Welsh bishop whose date of birth is estimated to be between 462 and 512 AD. He has been the patron saint of Wales and of doves since the 12th century. Very little is known about his life, and there have been legends circulating […]

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Business Language Services BLS is proud to announce its new encrypted website

Encrypted Website Business Language Services Ltd. is proud to announce that it has now launched an encrypted website, in line with many of the top companies around the globe. Now when you visit our site, you will notice that the URL for our website shows https:// together with a reassuring green padlock. HTTPS protects the […]

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Business Language Services Legal Translation: Things You Need to Know

Global marketing and international trade exposes more businesses to the importance of legal translation and localisation. Company and brand information, contracts, patents and copyrights are just some of the legal and official documents that require translation. You need to make sure that you are entrusting your legal translation to a service provider with expert knowledge in […]

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Business Language Services Why Technical Translation Requires Subject Matter Experts

  There are many types of document that require translations, some of which are much more complicated than others, especially those involving technical translation. It could be a manual for maintenance technicians and engineers, a report of a clinical trial or a patent translation. When a language service provider, such as Business Language Services, receives such […]

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Business Language Services English Language Obscure Facts

The English Language According to Ethnologue, the English Language is spoken in 101 countries, with 335 million speaking it as their first language. An average English speaker will normally take their language for granted, not knowing that there are so many interesting and lesser-known facts. Doesn’t it feel great if you know certain things that are […]

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Business Language Services Complexity of Literary Translation

As is the case for most forms of translation, literary translation is no different and requires thorough understanding and knowledge of both the culture and language of the source and target languages, as well as great attention to detail. Literary translation, in fact, requires a different level of creativity that is not frequently put to […]

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