Business Language Services Wales Book of the Year Shortlist

The Wales Book of the Year shortlists have recently been announced, following months of deliberating by the 6 judges. The aim of the awards is to promote the richness and diversity of contemporary Welsh literature. There are 2 shortlists; one for English-language and one for Welsh-language titles. Within each language there are 3 categories: poetry, […]

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Business Language Services Want to Improve Your Typing? Try Typing Single-Handedly

  The Research: A recent study conducted at the Department of Psychology of the University of Waterloo in Canada asserted that typing with one hand could lead to better quality writing. The study was published in the British Journal of Psychology and was headed by Srdan Medimorec. Researchers asked 103 students to write essays in […]

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Business Language Services New Translation of the Bible Available

New Translation of the Bible The World’s Most Translated Book The Bible is the world’s most translated book – there are currently more than 530 different language versions of the full bible, with certain sections of the text translated into thousands more languages. That means that at least 5 billion people have access to the […]

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Business Language Services Business Language Services supports Royal British Legion Campaign

Business Language Services Supports Royal British Legion Supporting the RBL in their campaign to add new questions about serving personnel, veterans and their families to the next census #CountThemIn Wrthi’n cefnogi’r LlBF yn yr ymgyrch i ychwanegu cwestiynau am bersonél ar wasanaeth, cyn-filwyr a’u teuluoedd yn y cyfrifiad #CountThemIn

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Business Language Services Internet Slang Finds its Way into the English Language

Internet Slang: The New Form of Communication Almost everyone uses the Internet these days. As such, most computer users are more or less familiar with Internet slang and the way that people communicate online. Internet slang refers to words and phrases that are cut short or abbreviated; the slang terms are widely used in social media, chat […]

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Business Language Services Czech Republic Soon to be Called Czechia

In 1993, a peaceful separation of the nation of Czechoslovakia resulted in the creation of two separate countries: Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Last month there was an announcement that the latter country’s name would be changed to Czechia. It was a decision that came after much deliberation by the president, heads of parliament, the […]

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Business Language Services Quebec to clamp down on English-language-only businesses

Quebec: Should bilingual signage be mandatory? A consultation recently took place in Quebec’s parliament, which was expected to require all businesses in the province to provide bilingual (English and French) signage.   Official Language of Quebec French is the official language of Quebec, a province in eastern Canada, as defined by Law 101, the Charter of […]

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