Celebrity Polyglots

Celebrities are famous for being highly skilled at what they do – whether it’s acting, singing or modelling. Some, though, have hidden talents that not many people know about. We are of course talking about knowledge of other languages. Perhaps this is part of what helped them stand out from the crowd when they were […]

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Business Language Services Welsh is a beautiful and poetic language waiting to be rediscovered

The number of Welsh speakers started to decline just past the middle of the 19th century. Although the language is enjoying a resurgence, it is still not enough to fully revive this beautiful language. In 2006, there were about 57 per cent of the population in Wales who spoke the Welsh language to a fluent […]

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Why do more women than men study foreign languages?

Male students are outnumbered by female students in most subjects at most UK universities. But when it comes to language learning, the statistics are worse than most. In 2013, of all UK university languages students, 69% were female (19,775) and 31% were male (8,935). A much debated topic, there are many theories for the reason […]

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Business Language Services The Languages of Cardiff

The results of the replies to the 2011 Census question ‘What is your main language?’ were released recently. The table below contains information found on the website of the Office of National Statistics. Across England and Wales, Polish topped the bill for foreign languages. Here in Cardiff, however, Polish is only the second biggest foreign […]

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Business Language Services FBI says ‘hola’ to Spanish speakers

New FBI Twitter Account A new, Spanish-language Twitter account was launched by the FBI on 1 July 2016, with the username @miFBIHouston. It was set up by the Houston Field Office in the hope of interacting more effectively with local residents of Hispanic background.   Spanish speakers in the USA It is estimated that there […]

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Business Language Services American English vs. British English – Top 4 Differences

  Business Language Services is based in the UK, so by default we use British English when submitting English-language translations and texts. However, we work for a variety of clients around the world, and are often asked to translate into American English for a US audience. Below are the four main differences between the two […]

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Business Language Services Common English phrases of French origin

For many Brits, French seems just a distant memory from schooldays, but you may be surprised to realise that you know a lot more of the language than you think. There are hundreds of phrases used in the English language, and officially accepted into our vocabulary, which actually stem from French. Below are some examples. […]

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Business Language Services The European Union: A Potted History

The European Union Following the referendum on 23 June 2016, when the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU), how many of us can claim to actually know how and when the Union came about? Below is a potted history of the Union to arm you with the facts you need. It all began […]

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Business Language Services Why should you learn another language?

The languages tend to get a bad rap at schools, with ever decreasing student numbers further proof of that. But there are so many advantages to speaking another language, so why aren’t we better at encouraging our children to get on board? And why do less than a quarter of the UK adult population speak […]

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Business Language Services Wales Book of the Year Shortlist

The Wales Book of the Year shortlists have recently been announced, following months of deliberating by the 6 judges. The aim of the awards is to promote the richness and diversity of contemporary Welsh literature. There are 2 shortlists; one for English-language and one for Welsh-language titles. Within each language there are 3 categories: poetry, […]

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