Business Language Services Machine Translation Services: What does the future hold?

[ Machine Translation: The Big Tech Companies As Google and its main big tech rivals continue to announce developments in their machine translation services, should human translators be fearful that their role will one day be completely replaced by a chatbot? Machine Translation: A Viable Alternative Early machine translation services were woefully inadequate, but as […]

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Business Language Services Do translators make good language teachers?

[ Image accessed: 25 June 2018] Interchangeable skills? Do language teachers make good translators? Or perhaps the question should be, do translators and interpreters make good language teachers? Is the old adage of, ‘Those that can, do, those that can’t, teach’ really true in this context? Surely if you are a teacher of one or […]

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Business Language Services Why are modern languages falling out of favour as a degree choice?

Declining Popularity in Modern Languages at School For many years, taking a language subject at O level and then more recently GCSE, was an essential requirement for entry onto a university course. This began to fall out of favour and there is a probable connection between this lack of emphasis on modern languages at school […]

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Business Language Services ITI Conference, Cardiff 2017

Reflecting on the Success of The International Translators and Interpreters (ITI) Conference Cardiff 2017 [Source:, Accessed: 11/06/2018] ITI Conference May 2017 The ITI Conference is a unique event, the biggest of its type in the UK for translators and interpreters. Just over a year has passed now since the Conference was held in the beautiful, […]

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Business Language Services Lost Words

Don’t forget about English? All spoken languages evolve and change, none more so than the varied regional dialects and accents of the British Isles. But rather than focusing on the popularity or otherwise of tongues such as Welsh and Gaelic, for instance, experts have been concentrating their efforts on what many would consider as lost […]

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Business Language Services How do you pronounce scone? [Accessed 26 March 2018] How to Pronounce Scone: A Heated Debate The dispute as to the pronunciation of this truly key word in the English language is well documented and very intense that it is hard initially to fathom out why the manner of description of an item on the English tea table is […]

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Business Language Services Is Latin a dead language?

PETER COOK “I could have been a judge but I never had the Latin…”, the comedy genius, Peter Cook, famously said. RESURGENCE OF LATIN Latin is often described as a dead language but in fact it did not expire, but was superseded by other tongues and so evolved into what are commonly known as the […]

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Business Language Services Cornish and Celtic Languages

Following an announcement by Cornwall County Council in 2015 that callers to service centres are to be greeted in Cornish, there has been much discussion and debate about this supposedly dead language. Cornish, or Kernowek, is a Celtic language not really spoken outside of Cornwall and, until recent times, not even spoken there very much. […]

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Business Language Services Trumpese

Trumpese   A Wise Man Once Said… Never was a truer word spoken when it was said that you can only have an argument with an intelligent person: ‘… you can argue with a wise man but it’s damn near impossible to win an argument with a fool’, and the prospect of interpreting for someone […]

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Business Language Services Wales plans to double number of Welsh speakers by 2050

Plans to increase the number of Welsh speakers Wales’s identity and traditions are under threat as Welsh drops in popularity, with the language being taught increasingly less to young people in Wales. Twenty years after devolution, however, the Welsh Assembly plans to bring back the Welsh language to avoid potential obscurity, having set targets to […]

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