Interpreting involves the spoken word, and selecting the right interpreter can make all the difference. Whether it is for a business meeting or factory tour, a court case, hospital visit or a large, multilingual conference, BLS’s interpreters and equipment technicians have the experience and professional skills to give you absolute confidence.

There are a number of types of interpreting:

Simultaneous Interpreting

Used mainly for conferences, workshops and when large numbers of people are involved, the professional interpreter listens and interprets at the same time. This method involves very high skill levels and is tiring, so interpreters nearly always work in pairs, with the use of equipment such as soundproofed booths, headsets and microphones.

Consecutive Interpreting

Normally used in meetings, court, training courses or small group discussions, the interpreter listens to what is said and then interprets it after the speaker has paused, usually about every 10 seconds. For larger groups or when there is background noise, a tour-guide interpreting system is often used.


In whispered interpreting (chuchotage, in French), the interpreter sits or stands next to the target-language audience whilst whispering a simultaneous interpretation of the matter to hand; this method requires no equipment, but may be done via a microphone and headphones if the participants prefer. Chuchotage is used in circumstances where the majority of a group speaks the source language, and a minority (ideally no more than three people) do not.


Relay interpreting occurs when there are several target languages. A source-language interpreter renders the message to a language common to every interpreter, who then renders the message to his or her specific target language. For example, a Japanese source message is rendered into English to a group of interpreters; it is then rendered to Arabic, French, and Russian, the other target languages.


Liaison interpreting involves relaying what is spoken to one, two or more people. This can be done after a short speech, or consecutively, sentence-by-sentence, or as chuchotage (whispering); aside from notes taken at the time, no equipment is used.

Business Language Services (BLS) Ltd. provides a full interpreting equipment and audio-visual hire service, and we will advise you on the best solution for your event.

If you put your trust in BLS it will give you peace of mind, so that you can concentrate on the business in hand.

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