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Welsh Language Training

In 2003 Business Language Services won the National Language Training Awards – our language training speaks for itself!

Business Language Services (BLS) Ltd. was founded in Abergavenny, Wales and moved to Cardiff in March 2010. We are very proud of our Welsh roots. Two of our customers, The Welsh Assembly and Cardiff Council, told us that they had initially called on us for their translation and language training needs because we are based in Wales, but chose to stay with us because of the quality of our services. Since BLS started, there has always been at least one Welsh-speaking member of our in-house team.

Whether you need Welsh for work and business purposes, or for personal reasons and cultural awareness, we can deliver Welsh training on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. Please refer to our Training Organisation page for a description of how we would set up your course.

      We can organise the following courses for you:

    • Quick introduction to office Welsh (10 hours):
      This short course (5 sessions of 2 hours) aims to equip you with enough skills to greet your Welsh-speaking customers and colleagues or answer the phone in Welsh.

And for more comprehensive needs, we have the following on offer:

  • Drip-feed training:
    Regular, weekly training sessions of generally two hours’ duration, over twenty weeks or more, are often ideal when there is no urgency to learn a language.
  • Intensive courses:
    Intensive days (6 hours per day, organised as a full week or regular workshops) are convenient when there is a need to achieve a particular level by a certain date, perhaps because of a new role or as a ‘kick-start’ to a drip-feed training course. Busy staff members and managers often find it easier to blank a week from their diary and escape ringing phones to immerse themselves in the language learning process.
  • Semi-intensive courses:
    Similar to our intensive courses, but training is organised as a series of half days (3-hour sessions).

All our Welsh courses place an emphasis on pronunciation and cultural awareness.

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