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About Business Language Training

Business Language Services (BLS) Ltd. started as a language training organisation more than 15 years ago, organising and delivering courses for some of the major players in the steel and automotive industries based in the South Wales area. Their staff and managers needed to be able to communicate with their foreign counterparts, initially to ‘make the effort’ and subsequently to carry out negotiations in the foreign language themselves. Our translation department developed as a natural consequence of this, with the same client often requiring both services.

Language Training Courses

Today our portfolio of customers includes manufacturing industries (pharmaceutical, medical equipment, military equipment) as well as service-based companies (in the banking and IT sectors) and government organisations such as the Welsh Assembly and the Intellectual Property Office.

We will develop a custom-made solution for all your training needs, based on the following key features:

  • One-to-one and small groups (larger groups can be accommodated too)
  • Bespoke training, for general and specialised needs, at a time to suit you
  • In-company delivery or training held in our fully equipped centre in Cardiff
  • Several study formats: weekly sessions, semi-intensive or intensive weeks, semi-intensive or intensive days
  • Wide choice of languages: most common foreign languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Arabic and many more) as well as English as a foreign language
  • Welsh language training and cultural awareness
  • Communication-based teaching philosophy and methodology
  • Detailed analysis of your needs and your starting level
  • Careful selection of teachers

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