You’re Never Too Old to Learn a New Language

There is a well-known theory that, as you age, learning and achieving fluency in a new language becomes a lot harder. This can put off many adults from even attempting to get a grasp of the basics of learning a new language, but there is some good news as recent studies show that certain aspects […]

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UKIP shows no respect for Welsh Language

A UKIP meeting held in the traditional Welsh-speaking town of Porthmadog was disturbed this week by two protesters declaring the party had ‘no respect’ for the Welsh language. During the public meeting at the politically-neutral Sportsman Hotel, activists Mr Roberts and Dr Brooks shouted over Deputy UKIP Leader, Paul Nuttall, during his speech, airing grievances […]

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New boost for the Welsh Language passed in the Sennedd

For more than fourteen centuries, the Welsh language has existed in a variety of forms and dialects, changing slowly over the years into the modern language spoken in Wales today. Far from dated and dying, Welsh is a vibrant and thriving language spoken daily across Wales and taught as standard in almost every school. New […]

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Learning the language of your land

Every year millions of people move to a new country for better job opportunities, a more pleasant style of living in a different culture or simply to retire. If you choose a country with the same main language as yours the transition is much easier, but what about those people who arrive in a new […]

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Translation that Gets Tails Wagging

There’s a new translator on the block that is trying to spread the word about the importance of understanding the language of dogs. Boffins in Sweden and Finland have worked tirelessly to invent a programme that enables owners to understand their canines in plain English. The prototype is called “No More Woof” and it examines […]

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Machine translation raises confidentiality issues

Machine translation raises confidentiality issues     Time and cost are often cited as the factors that prompt companies to use computer software to translate documents. Unlike professionally translated texts, machine translation cannot guarantee accuracy but there seems to be another worrying issue for those using this method, and that is client confidentiality.       When […]

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Pupils with English as a Second Language Achieve the Best Results at Key Stage Two

The Department of Education has published results of tests taken by 11-year-old primary school children and the highest scores were achieved by those whose first language was not English. The results have set a precedent as this is the very first time that children from impoverished parts of the country have achieved such high results. The […]

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