Growth in US Translation Industry Predicted

  As the world becomes more connected and more global, there is an increasing need for translators to act as intermediaries among groups of people and their different languages, which has fuelled the translation industry in the US in particular. A report by CareerBuilder, published in June this year, reports that over 12,000 jobs are […]

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Whistled languages make the brain work twice as hard

There are certain methods of communication that rely heavily on non-verbal language. You may have heard of the high-pitched whistling of the Silbo language, which originates from the Spanish Island of La Gomera, used by goatherds to communicate across vast mountainous areas, but a full language of whistles has been present on the European continent […]

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Uncommon and unusual languages still spoken today

Language is one of the most effective and useful tools that humans possess. Learning a language helps us to communicate and connect with others, giving us the chance to express ourselves, work together and form relationships. Essentially, language is all about communication. Here we unveil some of the more peculiar languages still spoken in the […]

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Cool wearable tech to communicate in sign language

Researchers at one of Mexico’s most prestigious institutes, IPN, have brought to the attention of the world a glove which is capable of translating both text and sign language in real time so that people with hearing impediments and speech difficulties can readily understand each other. Albeit a prototype, the glove is highly efficient at […]

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Ten Fascinating Facts about the English Language

  English is one of the most popular and important languages in the world, with many people around the globe opting to learn English as a second language. This allows individuals to communicate with more people from around the world in one common tongue. It is a form of the written and spoken word that […]

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Teachers turn to Google Translate in a bid to cope with foreign students

The education and immigration sectors in the UK are usually two distinct entities, but in many parts of the country the policies are now having to overlap due to the high number of immigrant students who are in British schools yet speak little or no English at all. An education conference this week heard the […]

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UKIP candidate steps down as chair of far-right group

UKIP hasn’t always had the best luck with its candidates, who seem to cause controversy wherever they go. For a party that is making a bid for government, they have had an overwhelmingly large turnover of politicians who have been ejected from the group due to issues ranging from racist remarks to fraud. The latest […]

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