Ten Fascinating Facts about the English Language

  English is one of the most popular and important languages in the world, with many people around the globe opting to learn English as a second language. This allows individuals to communicate with more people from around the world in one common tongue. It is a form of the written and spoken word that […]

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Teachers turn to Google Translate in a bid to cope with foreign students

The education and immigration sectors in the UK are usually two distinct entities, but in many parts of the country the policies are now having to overlap due to the high number of immigrant students who are in British schools yet speak little or no English at all. An education conference this week heard the […]

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UKIP candidate steps down as chair of far-right group

UKIP hasn’t always had the best luck with its candidates, who seem to cause controversy wherever they go. For a party that is making a bid for government, they have had an overwhelmingly large turnover of politicians who have been ejected from the group due to issues ranging from racist remarks to fraud. The latest […]

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Three Ways a Foreign Language Can Benefit your Career

Knowledge of  a foreign language other than your mother tongue isn’t only useful for travel, but it has also been proven to have a significant effect on your career path, with a wider set of opportunities becoming available – especially as part of an international company. This article will take a look at the five […]

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Language Apps Still No Match For Human Translators

Nowadays there seems to be an app for everything, from buying cinema tickets to mapping your jogging route, but some of the most widely used applications are those that translate one language into another. Apps such as Google Translate are free to download and promise fast and efficient translations; in reality, however, they shouldn’t be relied on fully for […]

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Minecraft is Now Being Used to Teach Language

There are many who claim that the over-dependence of our society today on gaming and online socialising is a scourge on both the written and verbal language, and yet it would appear that the use of digital media has actually enhanced the learning of languages. A number of smartphone applications and online tools are now […]

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England’s Regional Sign Language Variations Look to Be Dying Out

The English language is used around the world; however, there are many regional variants and dialects which give each geographical area their own local version of the language. The same phenomenon occurs in sign language, with different areas using slightly different signs for a range of words. As with many regional forms of the English […]

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