How We Learn Languages Differs Depending on Our Gender

According to a recently released study, boys and girls learn languages in different ways. Experts recognise that when learning a language, we use two methods to fully comprehend and memorise enough of a language to be able to speak it and understand it. These involve a mental dictionary, which stores commonly used sounds, phrases, words, […]

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Bilingual Children Potentially an Asset to Our Future Economic Growth and Business Diversity

Figures released recently by the Department of Education indicate that approximately 1.1 million children in the UK speak English as a secondary language rather than as their primary language. A number of studies in recent years have indicated that being bilingual often results in better cognitive abilities, and the insinuation is that those who speak […]

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Starved for love? Try learning a new language

Researchers have found that expanding your vocabulary activates the same part of the brain as making love and other pleasurable activities. Researchers from Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute in Barcelona and Otto von Guericke University in Magedburg, Germany tested a group of adults and found that learning new words stimulated the same regions of the brain […]

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Analysing Brand Language to Fine Tune Marketing Campaigns

Relative Insight, a UK-based company, has been working with brands and the marketing industry in order to encourage the use of language analysis to further marketing efforts. The CMO of Relative Insight, Rich Wilson, has been keenly involved in the project which looks at turning language into data in order to better gauge what marketing […]

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Smartphones Continue to Revolutionise the Learning of New Languages

In this digital age we are fortunate to have a huge array of tools at our fingertips which make learning any subject easier, especially given that all individuals learn differently. While some bemoan the introduction of smartphones as something which has had a detrimental effect on language, mainly with the introduction and boost in popularity […]

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Translation that Gets Tails Wagging

There’s a new translator on the block that is trying to spread the word about the importance of understanding the language of dogs. Boffins in Sweden and Finland have worked tirelessly to invent a programme that enables owners to understand their canines in plain English. The prototype is called “No More Woof” and it examines […]

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Fans of Game of Thrones May Now Learn the Dothraki Language

There are a plethora of reasons why learning a second language could prove beneficial. Some research, for example, suggests that those who are bilingual may benefit from a higher level of cognitive ability than those who speak only their native tongue. With so many diverse and colourful languages to choose from, it may seem difficult […]

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