Uncommon and unusual languages still spoken today

Language is one of the most effective and useful tools that humans possess. Learning a language helps us to communicate and connect with others, giving us the chance to express ourselves, work together and form relationships. Essentially, language is all about communication. Here we unveil some of the more peculiar languages still spoken in the […]

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Cool wearable tech to communicate in sign language

Researchers at one of Mexico’s most prestigious institutes, IPN, have brought to the attention of the world a glove which is capable of translating both text and sign language in real time so that people with hearing impediments and speech difficulties can readily understand each other. Albeit a prototype, the glove is highly efficient at […]

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Welsh Language Broadcasts Face Funding Cuts from BBC

Broadcasts in the Welsh language have been placed in ‘serious jeopardy’ recently as Wales was left out of a decision by the BBC to trim back on programming in the country. The move has received heavy criticism from all leaders in Wales, and it is this cross-party support which will be fighting back against the […]

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Visual Language – The Dictionary in Our Mind

Our understanding of the brain has grown immensely in the past few decades, with discoveries being made at a rapid rate which give us insight into areas such as perception, cognition and language. Visual language is essentially non-verbal communication, where images and codes are built up in a memory bank which can also be recalled. The use […]

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Ten Fascinating Facts about the English Language

  English is one of the most popular and important languages in the world, with many people around the globe opting to learn English as a second language. This allows individuals to communicate with more people from around the world in one common tongue. It is a form of the written and spoken word that […]

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Expand Your Business Through The Use of Language

How to Expand Your Business Through The Use of Language   Language and its effective application is one of the most useful tools in business. In the past, the use of additional languages may have provided a company with a slight edge over competition or been an HR perk for employees, but it is now […]

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How Telephone Interpreters are Helping Businesses

Nowadays, many businesses are opting to take advantage of larger market and expansion opportunities by extending the availability of their products or services in other countries. For many, this means hiring interpreters or bilingual staff members who are able to communicate clearly and effectively in all relevant languages. However, this is not always the most […]

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