You’re Never Too Old to Learn a New Language

There is a well-known theory that, as you age, learning and achieving fluency in a new language becomes a lot harder. This can put off many adults from even attempting to get a grasp of the basics of learning a new language, but there is some good news as recent studies show that certain aspects […]

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Pupils with English as a Second Language Achieve the Best Results at Key Stage Two

The Department of Education has published results of tests taken by 11-year-old primary school children and the highest scores were achieved by those whose first language was not English. The results have set a precedent as this is the very first time that children from impoverished parts of the country have achieved such high results. The […]

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Translation Howler of the Week

“I’ve got a strap on me, this is bare bait” Text message evidence translated by barrister, Mark Paltenghi, in court as: “I’ve got a gun and this is really risky.” [Source: Mail on Sunday] Look out for next week’s translation howler winner. Feel free to add your own and we can build up some of […]

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New survey reveals what would motivate students to learn a new language

  A lot has been written recently about the lack of interest amongst students when it comes to language learning and indeed many figures that have been published paint quite a grim picture. Since 2004 it has not been mandatory for students to take a language GCSE and as a result there has been fewer […]

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Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting

    In today’s global economy, there are plenty of opportunities to use your language skills either as an interpreter or professional translator. Events such as conferences, conference calls, business meetings and seminars where the participants speak different languages, all require the services of a professional interpreter. Deciding whether to use consecutive or simultaneous interpreting depends on […]

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Bilingual children cope better in noisy classrooms

  From September this year, the teaching of a foreign language to primary school children in state schools across the country has become compulsory. The move was influenced by growing concerns over the number of students who are not choosing a language for their GCSE and A-level exams. It was reported that between 1996 and 2012, […]

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Which languages do you hear most often on London tube lines?

Using data from the Office of National Statistics and the tube network by OpenStreetMap, Oliver O’Brian a researcher in geo-visualisation from University College London, has produced a map of London tube stations which features the most common second-languages that are spoken in a 200-mile radius of each stop.       Looking at the demographics of each […]

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