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Celebrity Polyglots

01.04.2014 Articles, General, News No Comments

Celebrity Polyglots

Celebrities are famous for being highly skilled at what they do – whether it’s acting, singing or modelling. Some, though, have hidden talents that not many people know about. We …


31.03.2014 Articles, Crimes Against Language, General, News No Comments


We all know that when someone misuses a word, the result can be very humorous, unless of course it is we who have made the blunder, in which case it …

Common misconception about English

26.03.2014 Articles, General, Language news, News No Comments

Common misconception about English

Thinking back to our school days, most of us can probably recall being taught some Shakespeare. Whether it was Romeo and Juliet, Othello or A Midsummer Night’s Dream, it is …

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